Wednesday, May 11, 2011

woohoo! pie pushers

when i told jackson she could pose for
the Pie Pushers prize she was beside herself
i mean really excited
wiggles, hopping, general craziness
oh boy - pizza for breakfast !!!
that's a good time
but - as soon as it became clear that there
was no actual pizza - just a damn business card
she sulked off to bed and did her best to ignore me
poor terrier

Xila, well, Xila can have pizza for breakfast
just email me within 15 days and the prize is yours
thank you to Pie Pushers for offering up their
goods at the 11th hour
and their goods are good!

the photo was taken in front of CrossFit Durham
on Geer St
i really want to hit the tires with a sledgehammer

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