Tuesday, May 3, 2011

photo hunt #53

the handsome man, Roman is back on the streets
do you know where he is?

make your guess as to where he is
by leaving a comment below
your comment won't show up till i make them show up tomorrow
so don't worry if you don't see your comment - it's safe with me

get it right and you could win two free 2 dog combos
from Kings Sandwich Shop
plus a cool Durham coffee mug from Dolly's Vintage
thanks for playing!


HeathaB said...

Is it Rigsbee St? Down the road from the Skate Park and Police Station.

deb said...

Foster Street, near Durham Farmers Market. Close to Scrap Exchange.

becky said...

I don't know but I want to win :)

At the still point of the turning world... said...

Rigsbee Street! between the skate park and Steel Blue!

vespasara said...

liberty warehouse! sadly in danger... http://www.dirtydurham.com/DirtyDurham/Blog/Entries/2011/4/29_The_Last_Tobacco_Auction_House.html

Holly Marie said...

On Rigsbee near the Liberty warehouse.

Helen said...

Must be Corporation Street between Rigsbee and Foster.