Tuesday, April 19, 2011

photo hunt #51

i clearly took this photo some time ago
no green to be found here
but where is here?

get it right and you could win 4 tickets to any
Tuesday night Durham Bulls baseball game
i'll throw in four 365 brand food items for
you to donate to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC
so you can get free baseball caps while you are there!

to enter all you have to do is post a comment with
your guess as to where the above photo was taken
comments will not show up till tomorrow


Jess said...

is this on 9th street, across the street from wavelengths, the flower shop, etc?

Bex said...

9th st. in front of the Duck Shop! Wavelengths is across the street.

allie mullin said...

at the crosswalk on ninth street!

-allie (alliemullin@gmail.com)

allie mullin said...

i think i keep double posting comments, but it's the crosswalk on ninth street!

-allie (alliemullin@gmail.com)

Betsy & Mark Puckett said...

9th street on the west side of the street - near the Duck Shop and Specs.

Mark Dessauer

Betsy & Mark Puckett said...

West side of 9th street by the Duck Shop, Snarks and Specs.

Mark Dessauer

Vaguely said...

Hmmm...I know you are on Ninth St. looking down toward Francesca's...maybe in front of Specs?

Tam said...

Ninth street on the sidewalk outside the Duck shop?

vieve said...

Ninth St., sort of across the street from the flower shop on the corner of Perry, near the mailboxes (duh).

Bambi said...

Looks like 9th Street to me! Across the street from Wavelengths I believe :)

cherese said...

you guys are on 9th street - across the street from Wavelengths and the Play House toy store!!