Tuesday, April 5, 2011

photo hunt #50 !!!!

Clementine only has $3.33 for lunch
for first prize tell me where she is
for second prize tell me where else in durham she can get lunch for $3.33
the only way to win is to leave a comment

first prize - in celebration of spring storm season i'm giving away a Thundershirt
second prize - a lovely mix cd made by me - oh boy!

the winner is picked at random from all correct answers
contest is open till midnight tonight
thanks for playing


vespasara said...

lunch for $3.33 - cosmic cantina, must be!
where the puppy is - no real idea. maybe down on Perry St nearby?

Natalie said...

She's at Cosmic Cantina!

For $3.33 you can also get lunch at 9th st bakery if you want to eat a loaf of day old bread :)

annerie said...

she is in front of flying burrito. She could also go to chubby's.

Waverly said...

I don't recognize that mint-green wall (no doubt I will when everyone else identifies it) but can you still get lunch at Cosmic Cantina for $3.33?