Tuesday, March 22, 2011

photo hunt #48

even Rielly doesn't know where he is
but it is his favorite trail in town
if you know where he is or even if you don't - leave a comment with your guess
i love wild guesses
actually --- my favorite wild guess of the day gets a special prize!
you won't see your comment till tomorrow - fyi

but the ones who get it right get a shot at a gift certificate
from Blue Corn Cafe
thanks Blue Corn folks!!!

the winner is picked at random from all correct answers
contest is open till midnight tonight
thanks for playing


Sally Jo said...

He doesn't know where he is because his eyes are shut. Duh.

sporkluva said...

The Tobacco Trail?

Xila said...

He is on the Ellerbee Creek nature trail up north of the Watts Hillandale neighborhood. Arlo and I like that spot, too.

Amy said...

man... i'm still not eligible, am i? but i know where it is! Its in the enchanted forest of bow-wow-er-ly hills!!! so there!

HeathaB said...

Duke gardens or the new totally rad pick and eat your own mushrooms city park. The board is for identifiers and disclaimers