Tuesday, March 8, 2011

photo hunt #46

girlfriend considers herself a very skilled drug dog
she's looking for the cars that are normally
parked at this location so she can sniff them
out for drugs to confiscate
where is she?

get it right and you could win this
custom made messenger bag from snaptotes

leave your guess as a comment - they are hidden till tomorrow
the winner is picked at random from all correct answers
contest is open till midnight tonight
thanks for playing


Bex said...

Brightleaf square parking lot (in between the James Joyce and Devine's)

SilverArrow Productions said...

New York City

e.bree said...

that's the mural by rainbow china and james joyce and that auto place!!! scary, is that dog really a drug dog???

this one was good and tricky!!

e.bree said...

the mural by the auto place and james joyce and rainbow china, or whatever!!

is that really a drug dog?! scary!!!!!


p.s. this one was good and tricky!! but not toooooo tricky!

Amy said...

i know i'm not allowed to win... but boy, oh boy, my dog's on that bag and I want it! hmph. guess i'll just have to visit that drug front...er, snaptotes, place myself.