Tuesday, January 18, 2011

photo hunt #42

guess what?!
it's my birthday so i'm twisting everything up
number 1 - no dog in the photo
number 2 - it's a super easy picture (umm... street signs - ok, so they are fuzzy - see #3)
number 3 - all answers, right or wrong are put in the drawing
number 4 - the winner gives me a prize!
it can be anything - a flower - the leftovers from your dinner - your favorite song
really - anything
make your guess on the location of these beautiful and brave bulbs by leaving a comment


LibbyV said...

OOOO - got it! The corner of W. Main and Morgan!!! Happy Birthday!!!

e.bree said...

pizza town! that's pizza town i just know it!

beth bakkkkkkkkke!! happy birthday!!

Amy said...

OHH!!! I can comment today cuz I'm actually eligible to win the "prize"! :) I believe your brave flower bulbs are popping up on the corner of Main and Mangum! (I can read!) Happy Birthday Sugar Sweets! :)

Heather said...

W. Main & Mangum!! Happy Birthday Beth! I do magic with lentils.

Jess said...

main and mangum. i'm sure i could bake up something yummy for you. xoxo.

Brian said...

Mangum & Main.

The prize is overnight accommodations in beautiful Capitol Hill, Seattle, for you and a guest!

Waverly said...

I just want to say I forgot to check the blog--I didn't fail to comment because I didn't want to get you a present! Happy belated birthday!