Tuesday, January 11, 2011

photo hunt #41

where are the girls, Lola and Raisin?
leave a comment with your guess
the prize on this fine day is a gift certificate to Toast
i'm in love with the cauliflower soup at Toast
i'd marry it

be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you have won!

comments are hidden till tomorrow
the winner is picked at random from all correct answers
contest is open till midnight tonight
thanks for playing


Vera said...

the girls are playing at the snazzy Duke Park playground, methinks!

Natalie said...

Duke Park playground!

Karen Cook said...

Ah, we're in front of Duke Park, I think!

Heather said...

Duke Park! And I know that's a good walk!

Niki said...

Duke Park!!!!!

Holly Marie said...

Duke Park!

cherese said...

The girls are obviously at Duke Park waiting for their friends to join them for a trip down the slide.

Waverly said...

Duke Park?

I love Toast but have yet to try the cauliflower soup--will have to check that out