Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the winner and the sticker fight

ohhh - a sticker - can i eat it?

humph - tastes weird

ewww - it's touching me!

never mind - it's ok - i killed it

shit - it has an evil twin! help!

never mind - it's ok - i killed it

alright - this is embarrassing - do not put this on the internet ... please?

momma! this is bad - put the freakin camera down and help me!!!

never mind - it's ok - i killed it

and the winner is ...

cherese - email me at
and i'll set you up with your growler of beer
and an eco-tote lunch bag from Fullsteam Brewery

everyone was right in guessing the skate park
conveniently near the cop shop and Fullsteam


Willow Branch said...

Literally...tears coming down my face, laughing.
I'm glad the war was won. It was looking a little iffy for a moment, but canine prowess reigned.


Vera said...

LMAO! that was awesome