Tuesday, September 14, 2010

photo hunt #27

see georgia?

where is georgia?
she's definitely ready to play!
find her quick

make your guesses as to georgia's whereabouts by posting a comment
get it right and you could win a
hanamade market tote made from
recycled banners

comments are hidden until midnight tonight when the contest closes
so when you don't see your comment pop up - that's why
only one correct answer per person will be counted
winners are chosen at random from the correct answers


vespasara said...

georgia's at the park - westover, I think it's called, that's up between guess rd and maryland. I love that play structure, it's so... buggy.

cherese said...

Georgia's at Northgate Park

Brian said...

Northgate Park, duh!

London said...

Norfgate Park?

blog.iary said...

she's at duke park playground!

Steve said...

Oval Park?

Jess said...

the park/playground in northgate park?

joey said...

the northgate park playground!

Erin said...

northgate park!!!