Tuesday, August 17, 2010

photo hunt #23

where is the littlest lady?
make your guess by leaving a comment
the winner gets a gift certificate to
The Regulator Bookshop

comments are hidden until midnight tonight when the contest closes
so when you don't see your comment pop up that's why
only one correct answer per person will be counted
winners are chosen at random from the correct answers


vieve said...

Outside Bull McCabe's (aka the Ravioli Building).

Vera said...

Bull McCabes! yay!

Jess said...

hmmmm, bull mccabe's perhaps? not that i would know that place....

e.bree said...

bull mccabe's! the tree next too the bike locker uppers!!!!!


Xila said...

That little lady is bellying up for a beer outside the Macaroni Building (aka Bull McCabes). I hope she got served in the red bowl that Arlo won and donated to the bar.

Chris said...

Downtown at Five Points near Toast and Whiskey.

Xila said...

Hah! Genevieve one upped me. It is the Ravioli building, not the Macaroni building. What an insult to pasta lovers.