Tuesday, August 10, 2010

photo hunt #22

the rock pd is standing upon is....
make your guess by leaving a comment
the winner gets a gift certificate to
Amelia Cafe

comments are hidden until midnight tonight when the contest closes
so when you don't see your comment pop up that's why
only one correct answer per person will be counted
winners are chosen at random from the correct answers


Carolina said...

ooh ooh! that's right by the stadium and tobacco road!

am i right? am i right?

Sarah said...

Outside DPAC - as I am now in Basel, if I am right, treat yourself!

Carla said...

on the lawn on the west side of DPAC - photo looks north to downtown

Brooke said...

This is in the grassy area between the DPAC and the Diamond View building at the ball park, off Pettigrew.

Holly Marie said...

The field on Blackwell street, kinda behind the Bulls stadium.