Monday, February 28, 2011

sleepy terrier

sacked out after a long night of yacking

at about 7pm last night my little terrier found a full
bag of Spicy Tanka Bars and ate nearly the whole damn thing!
after finding her all happy with her head in
the bag i mixed up a concoction of tuna juice and hydrogen peroxide
she refused to drink it!
the girl knows hydrogen peroxide a mile away
so i sucked some up in a syringe
it took 3 people to get it in her
but not before all 3 people got covered in tuna juice and peroxide!
trying to hurry the process along, i gave her a good shake and tossed her in the back yard
to go ahead and puke it all up
but no
the girl holds onto everything till about 1am
and wow did it all happen then - for 3 hours!
poor little ticker :(
she did find it in her to take breakfast - i think only to make sure the cat
didn't get it

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