Monday, July 19, 2010

photo hunt #19

sarita is starting our tour of select durham murals
so - look at the buildings not the road
where is the lady sarita?
post a comment with your guess
the winner this week gets
a prize from
The Regulator Bookshop

comments are hidden until midnight tonight when the contest closes
so when you don't see your comment pop up that's why
only one correct answer per person will be counted
winners are chosen at random from the correct answers


Lora said...


Xila said...

Sarita is in front of the mural on the corner of Gregson and Morgan.

Ryan said...

That mural is where the bus station used to be off Gregson St., behind Shooters

Greener Durham said...

the building where Trinity Design Build is located on Gregson

Robb said...

oh oh!
The Trinity Design Build Building. Yeah Me!
Very nice shot by the way.

Steve said...

Hey. that's the parking lot at Gregson and Morgan!

vieve said...

That building on Gregson, near the intersection with Morgan, next to the Alivia's/James Joyce parking lot!

(Sorry if this posted twice; my clicky finger is too twitchy.)

Holly Marie said...

Its the Trinity Studio building on the corner of Gregson and Morgan!