Tuesday, June 8, 2010

photo hunt #15

where is miss. juno dog?
looks like maybe she has spotted a semi-aquatic rodent

make your guess by leaving a comment
you could win a gift certificate to...
The Durham Farmers' Market

check back tomorrow to see if you won
or leave your contact info in the comment
as i have no other way of letting you know

comments are hidden until midnight tonight when the contest closes
so when you don't see your comment pop up that's why
only one correct answer per person will be counted
winners are chosen at random from the correct answers


vieve said...

Hmm...Duke Park playground?

Holly Marie said...

Duke Park??

old.flames said...

Some old city park.

Heather said...

Juno may be looking for a Beaver Queen at the Duke Park playground!

Natalie and Harris said...

Duke Park?

Xila said...

Duke park playground?

Katelin said...

duke park...where the beaver queen pageant was held last week!

LibbyV said...

Shady Oaks Park?