Wednesday, May 12, 2010

can't make up my mind

again, i can't make up my mind
and i can't seem to get them in the
same photo
little boogers that they are
nobody wants to share the
spotlight i guess
oh by the way - i took these photos after
a few drinks at Bull McCabes
now... you pick
tell me which one you like best
jackson (little white & tan girl)
beebles (larger black & tan girl)

ok - so down to the good stuff
the winner!
amanda (email me within 15 days at to claim your prize)
amanda wins a prize from
Bull McCabes Irish Pub
everyone was right ... american tobacco campus
at the rock crossing - in the "river"
love that place

next week the prize comes from the sweet
peoples over at Joe Van Gogh
really - thanks for playing
this brings me great joy


Sally Jo said...

"Good eeevening, and welcome to Doghouse Theater. My name is Beebles and I'll be your host."

Ryan said...

Ummm... is it the lawn by Bull McCabe's, perhaps?

dogwalktalk said...

nope - that's my back yard ;)
y'all can guess on any photo you like - you just wont win anything until the tuesday photo

Vera said...

who could possibly choose?