Monday, March 15, 2010

start guessing people

5 of you answered the traffic thingy at mangum & markham
you were right

thank you duke park!
the random number was 3 - Barry wins a gift certificate to
james joyce irish pub
cheers Barry!
(Barry - email me at to claim your prize)
check back next tuesday for your chance at a

gift certificate to Rock Paper Scissors Salon
thanks for playin and pass it on


rolling a little differently this week
going with a random pick of all correct answers
so comment away my friends and the winner gets a gift certificate from
james joyce irish pub
if you have any questions about the rules....
look to your right
if you still have questions about the rules ....
you really need a pint
hope you win


vieve said...

Is it that funny intersection on...Mangum? In/near Duke Park, where Roxboro splits off into two one-way jammies? (Obviously I have not had yet.)

Katelin Walpole said...

oval park?

Amy said...

hell, you know I don't know where it is (and you even told me once!)... but that sure is a cute pup! :)

Xila said...

The road closed barrier on Green Street? Where it crosses the stream trail?

Jess said...

hmmmm. is this by west village where they have been doing that never-ending construction? when can i drive thru the shortcut? when????

Steve Graff said...

That would be the rhino wall at the infamous and much maligned Roxboro/Markham/Mangum interchange.

Barry said...

Mangum St., just south of Markham Ave.

Do you need to know exactly which piece of Rhino wall, too?

old.flames said...

Markham and Mangum, baybee.

Andrew said...

That pooch is standing in front of the rhino barrier at Mangum and Markham.